Patents Available for Acquisition

Siemens: Computer Location Bookmark Technology

US 7,010,748 (Method and system for displaying site-specific bookmarks on a computer) and active counterparts are available for immediate acquisition from Siemens AG. The invention relates to a method and system for displaying location dependent bookmarks on a computer or mobile device. A bookmark is the address of a network or internet site that you put into a list so that you can return to it easily.

Claim charts as the technology applies to Facebook and GoogleMaps are available under NDA. In addition to the available claim charts, the technology applies to stand-alone hand-held GPS navigation devices, automobile navigation systems, smart phone apps, and mobile computer (laptops/tablets) applications.

Siemens: Peer-to-Peer Networking Portfolio

IP Engineering Group Corporation is exclusively representing the sale of a Peer to Peer Networking portfolio containing 71 assets in 28 patent families. The portfolio is currently owned by Siemens AG. This patent portfolio is directed at solving problems related to decentralized networks such as peer-to-peer (P2P) and ad-hoc networks.

Siemens: Video Surveillance Portfolio

The Siemens Video Surveillance technology portfolio contains 25 assets in 13 patent families. The patents cover broad technology areas that are fundamental to modern industrial security systems. Much of the technology is being used in systems today.

Two of the patents (US 7,242,295 and US 7,342,489) have Evidence of Use claim charts. The technology in the portfolio applies to smart cameras and sensors, system controls and management, and alarm detection and location identification. 

VCSEL and Optical Components

IP Engineering Group (in partnership with PJ Parker) is representing the sale of a portfolio related to Vertical Cavity Surface Emission Lasers (VCSELs). Many of the patents have claims that extend beyond VCSELs to cover surface emitting photodiodes and optical receivers. The portfolio consists of 177 patents in 68 families.

We have prepared a technical evidence of use claim chart against a Texas Instruments driver chip for semiconductor lasers. We believe it is likely that this patents is also widely used by other manufacturers.

Biometric Smart Card Technology

With identity theft rampant around the world today, there is a substantial need for credit card companies to implement the technology taught by this patent. The patent is free of encumbrances.

SK Planet: Real Time Map Update Patents

IP Engineering Group (in partnership with PJ Parker) is representing the sale of a portfolio applicable to electronic map and navigation servers and mobile terminals. The patents in this portfolio are relevant to systems that implement the NDS standard and to proprietary map and navigation systems that allow real time updates. This patent portfolio contains three families. These patents are not licensed or otherwise encumbered.

NTT Docomo Base Station Patents

IP Engineering Group Corporation is exclusively representing NTT DOCOMO INC. in the sale of a Base Station portfolio containing 51 active US grants and select family members, totaling 142 assets. Evidence of Use documentation is available.