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Intellectual Property Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

The team at IP Engineering Group has worked on technology from complex software to cell phones; from world-wide networking systems to semiconductors – and everything in between. Call to see how we can provide a solution to your toughest IP engineering problems.

Reverse Engineering - Intellectual Property

Patent Portfolio Analysis

Patent Portfolio Analysis

A patent and portfolio must be evaluated from many perspectives to determine its value and/or relevance. The IP Engineering Group is experienced in finding the most valuable intellectual assets and portfolios, and advising on options to capitalize on them. Using the ideal combination of software tools, industry specialists, and our extensive reservoir of experience, IP Engineering Group will identify intellectual property strengths and weaknesses, and its market potential for your business.

Intellectual Property Litigation Support - Satchel Icon

Litigation Support

The IP Engineering Group team has many decades of experience in litigation support, testifying, providing expert reports, and delivering thorough, targeted engineering and forensics work. Whether you’re on the offense or defense, you need a sound case with solid evidence. IP Engineering Group works closely with legal counsel to identify relevant patents, provide claim charts, identify the perfect expert, perform prior art searches, and develop the right strategy. We carry out the work required to give you the strongest possible position.

Intellectual Property Transactions

Intellectual Property Transactions

The IP Engineering Group has a proven history of linking buyers and sellers with quality IP portfolios. From patents and trade secrets to brands and businesses, the IP Engineering Group can help you maximize the value of your intellectual assets. Whether you are in the position to divest or acquire intellectual assets, it is important to partner with a knowledgeable firm that comprehensively supports the IP marketplace.